Building a detached garage

Are you considering the addition of a garage to your home? Now that's a great idea! Adding a garage will not only prove to be very practical, but it will also increase the resale value of your property.

However, such an important project requires some serious planning. In order to avoid making mistakes that could become disastrous while at the same time staying within your budget, take the time to consult with an expert in the field of garage plans.


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Modern style detached garage, single garage door topped with windows for parking your cars.
A detached garage can also add flair to your property! Large enough to park 2 vehicles, this decidedly modern detached garage features a single garage door topped with windows. Planimage #G-23A
Spacious and elegant is this Traditional style detached garage with 3 single arched garage doors and an upstairs loft.
Perfect for those with multiple vehicles! This spacious and elegant Traditional style detached garage features 3 arched single garage doors and a second-floor loft. Luxury and space! Planimage #69501

Here are the step to follow:

The main steps involved in planning the construction of a detached garage are the following:

  • Determine your needs.
  • Check municipal regulations (the size of the garage is an integral part of municipal bylaws). Most municipalities have strict rules about the size of garages, sometimes based on the size of the house and/or land. For example, there could be setbacks to respect when choosing the location or even a maximum height to consider when it comes time to design plans.
  • Design the plans for the garage with the help of a professional who will make sure your needs and any local regulations are respected.
  • Obtain the necessary permit.
  • Plan the financing of the project.

See in more detail all the steps to follow in the construction of your new garage.

How nuch does a detached garage cost?

Although the total cost may vary greatly, it costs generally at least $45 per square foot for the material ($60 per square foot if we want an insulated and heated garage) in order to build a detached garage.

For example, for a single garage, 14 feet wide by 20 feet long (4.3 m x 6.1 m), non-insulated, costs can come to between $13,000 and $17,000.

In the case of a double garage 22 ft. by 24 ft. (6.7 m x 7.3 m), the cost is about $24,000, non-insulated. Keep in mind that these prices are approximate and include labor costs.

The price of $45 per square foot ($60 per square foot if insulated) applies for a base model garage, non-insulated, built with standard materials. If you elect to use high quality materials, the price will increase to about $55 per square foot ($70 if insulated) for an non-insulated garage

It is important to note that the above-mentioned amounts only include the construction of the building itself, meaning material and labor, and are only approximate. These amounts can vary plus or minus 15% from city to city.

What’s more, the costs of connecting the garage to the sewers or paving the driveway, for instance, are extra expenses that must be considered when establishing a budget for this type of project.

The exterior finish chosen for the garage also creates a considerable fluctuation in costs. A garage featuring the same type of roof as the house or comparable architectural details will necessarily prove to be more expensive. Similarly, a garage with the façade or even all four walls made of brick will be a lot more costly that a model covered with PVC siding.

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The cost of a detached garage varies according to not only its size but also exterior finish. To learn more about detached garages or to enquire about garage plans, do not hesitate to contact an expert.

When the time comes to purchase a garage door, contact us, especially if you are supervising the work. We can tell you how to prepare the door frame. In addition, we can send you a free quote.

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