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Efficient and durable garage doors in Timmins

The sun gives us life, but after years of exposure to it your garage door might be more than a little worse for wear. Even the newest door will bleach and age after daily bombardment. However, you’ll never have to worry about that with Anderson & Ross Limited, as we’re proud to provide garage doors to our customers that stand the test of time for years and then some.

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High quality repair and maintenance service in Timmins, ON

Garage doors are built tough, but they’re not impervious to damage. Whether it’s in the wake of an accident or a routine maintenance check, your door might need some tender loving care, and our technicians have the skills and expertise to get the job done. If you need your garage door looked after, our team of professionals can provide that care with impeccable precision.

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The hardest working installers in the garage door business

We have some of the hardest working garage door specialists in the business here at Anderson & Ross Limited. Our experts have years of installations under their belts, and we’re proud to guarantee that our personnel will know your garage door and how it works inside and out before they even step foot on your property.

Our Design Centre provides for endless possibilities

We know how important it is for our customers to make an informed decision. That’s why here at Anderson & Ross Limited we make sure you’ve got everything you need to pick out the new garage door of your dreams with our Design Centre. A place for customers to explore all of our garage door options with just the click of a button or two, you can match your new door to the look of your home’s exterior thanks to our nearly endless combinations of designs and styles.

Whether you want a specific model in a certain colour, to match specific doorway dimensions, or to have a specific type of window or decorative accessory, the Design Centre has what you need.

See for yourself the kinds of results you can achieve today!

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Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Timmins, ON

Match your taste to your style of garage door

You don’t make a garage door purchase every day, or even every few years. If you’re lucky, you might make one new purchase every 25 years or so – and that makes it important to choose the right door the first time, since you’ll have to live with it for decades to come. This is why you need to turn to the experts. Whether it comes to picking the right colour and model to getting repairs done, our team members are all garage door specialists dedicated to helping you make the best choice for you. We make what could be a difficult choice easy!

LiftMaster™, the most trusted door opener brand

Here at Anderson & Ross Limited we ensure that our customers have their choice of only the best products out there on the market that offer the highest in durability, efficiency, and safety. That’s exactly why we’re proud to offer LiftMaster garage door openers, because there’s no other brand out there with the same reputation for reliability.

LiftMaster garage door openers are equipped with strong and reliable motors that take heavy lifting out of the equation for our customers. No longer will you have to wonder if your garage door will be shut when you want it to be; LiftMaster will keep your family safe from any uninvited guests.

Only the most skilled and experienced garage door specialists

Have you noticed that one of the rollers of your garage door system seems misaligned? Have you started to hear strange noises whenever it opens and closed? Don’t try to figure out the problem yourself – turn to the experts at Anderson & Ross Limited for the help you need. Our skilled and experienced garage door specialists have the tools and the know‑how to get your garage door working smoothly again.

Contact us today and our professional staff will be on site before you know it, replacing or fixing any broken parts and ensuring your door works as it should to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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